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We are about outdoor sports, adventure and fun! Fishing, ice fishing, hunting, dogs, birds, boats and anything about the great outdoors in the great Northwoods. Most of our articles are by top professionals and innovators in their field. There are many interesting photos, too.

We also specialize in short stories of outdoor humor and 1800s wilderness adventure. It’s good easy reading for ages 8 to 80. We’ve been told by teachers and parents that boys who don’t read anything will read The Adventures of Young Jake Savage. You can find several of these stories on this site at all times. This is a very popular series.

We understand the value of advertising and do all we can to attract more and more readers and encourage them to support our advertisers. Through those ends we are constantly evolving, and will be adding to and upgrading the site nonstop.

We encourage writers, artists and photographers to send their material for publication on our site, in return we will plug your site with a link directly to you.
We would love to hear from you. Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome:

Thanks for reading and please tell others about us,
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