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I Got No Stamps

Posted on July 17, 2016 at 3:05 PM

Cool, 76, cloudy and some rain. Not the deludge we received several days ago. It measured 9 inches on my official boat seat measuring line on the top of the seat. The seats are exactly 9 inches high, I know this for a fact because when I catch an 18 inch bass I only have to fold it once. And now the water was just skimming across the top of all 4 seats.

Who the heck is gonna' bail this out," I asked Lori as we looked down at the boat tied to the pier.

That was yesterday, she handed me a plastic 2 gallon bucket and told me to make it "snappy" because I was taking her to lunch.

On the way to Oak Ridge Bar on Lower Webb Lake for burgers and fries we would stop at the mail box and get the mail. Not happening, the Namekagon River was cresting right up Webb Creek and by the time we got there the creek was running fast out of the swamp, across the road, and between the 5 country mail boxes at our corner.

Well Sir, a true fisherman is always ready. I grabbed the ever present ultra-light spinning rod from the back seat. I never miss chance to fish new structure and I figured a U.S. Mail Box had to be holding something.

Anyway, as it turned out, like with all new, unfamiliar structure I snagged up right away and finally broke off. We went for burgers. Maybe the river will recede enough for the mail to get through to our boxes by tommorrow. Mine is the one with a red and white Baby Bassarino hanging off the bottom. I hope they don't charge me postage. I got no stamps.

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