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Posted on December 17, 2016 at 10:10 AM

Woodsman journal. Good morning it's a cold, snowy day in the big woods. I had 10 below early yesterday morning. Nothing was moving. Not even the chickadees. When it's too cold for a chickadee it's just plain too cold. Haven't seen a single bug though. Life in the woods is complicated. It's sort of a karma thing. They're calling for warmer temperatures next week. High in the 20s. Since I'm about done hunting for the season I can spend time cutting firewood. In fact I've already begun to look longingly at my chainsaws. This does not sit well with Lori as she still isn't use to me looking longingly at my bow. And before that my fishing pole, and before that there were canoe paddles, and before that tip ups and a power auger. It can be hard to please her. Though she does make a point about my attachments to my toys and tools. Which actually proves the point I've made many times myself ... it's apparently very good to be a woodsman.


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