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Big Buck

This buck was found dead by hunters by Petersburg, ND. Just goes to show they're out there! WOW. The news is out. After keeping this brute a perfect secret all throughout the season. "Big Louie" was found dead by pheasant hunters on my friends neighboring property. The 250" buck was discovered by my friend Darin and his neighbor Mark. Here's the story.

Early season, I received a phone call from Darin, my good buddy. His voice sounded as if he had just shot a buck so I asked him what he got... He told me that nothing was dead but to get to his place as soon as I could so he could show me something. I drove over and looked at his computer and saw the biggest buck I had ever seen on a trail camera. We sat there and talked about how he was going to hunt him, how to stay calm, how to go about the whole process of getting this buck, and how we couldn't speak of this Monarch. From then on, Darin told me he was in bow hunting mode and would settle for nothing less than the buck that had been named "Big Louie" by Mark. All season I heard the stories from them both and saw that no matter what they tried, it was always outsmarting them. He wouldn't be that big if he couldn't outsmart them... Darin didn't use a firearm all season. He told me that he was not going to go out and hunt during the firearms season and had to just sit around and pray that "Big Louie" would make it through. They would see him plenty during the bow season, but never in range. Later in the season, just about a week or so ago, the buck was found dead by pheasant hunters on John Grosboll's property in Petersburg. The property was right next to Darin's lease... Either way, it was a tragic way to see this monster go down.

 They ruled the death as natural causes.





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