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Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Better water, pure and simple!

“Hey Culligan Man.” That’s not just a familiar little saying, it’s down right comforting to hear. In these days of environmental consciousness we are all becoming aware of just how important clean water for drinking, cleaning and washing really is. That’s where Culligan Man Jim Luedtke of Rice Lake comes into the picture.

Jim services five Wisconsin counties: Polk, Barron, Washburn, Sawyer and Rusk from his Rice Lake headquarters. Supported by not just a national, but international company, Culligan is in 94 countries, Jim and his staff of 10 employees offer the expertise of an industry leader but also a local, personal touch to the business. It’s his 25th year in Rice Lake.

How do you know you even need Culligan and their great products and services? Well, if you live in this part of Wisconsin, or own a second home or cabin the chances are good you need your water treated. Ask yourself these questions. Do you dread turning on the tap and facing rotten egg odor? Have you had enough of the rust stains in your clothes? Have people started calling you Carrot Top because your hair has turned orange? Has your laundry and fixtures turned rusty colored? Culligan can help.

The Sulfur-Cleer was specifically designed to remove two of water’s most common problems. Hydrogen Sulfide. Responsible for that rotten egg smell as well as those black spots on laundry and fixture. Iron. Responsible for rust stains on your clothes, fixtures and dishes. Often leaves a metallic aftertaste in drinking water.

Whether you have one or both, the Culligan exclusive process will filter away these impurities. All you are left with is fresh, clean water for bathing, cleaning and washing.

Say good-by to the time spent scrubbing away stains with expensive harsh specialty chemical cleaner. Feel confident in putting your favorite shirts in the laundry  without fear of ruin from rust stains or black spots. All the while your home’s pipes will thank you for removing the impurities that can clog them up and lead to expensive repair.

You’ll also want to investigate Culligan’s Aqua-Cleer advanced Drinking Water System. It provides you with, great drinking water, water filters for numerous contaminants and impurities, no more foul odors, an economical alternative to bottled water and it helps the environment with fewer plastic bottles in landfills, less fuel used to manufacture plastic bottles, less fuel used to obtain water and reduced green house gas emissions.

Jim and his Rice Lake office provide 24/7 live answering with on call reps ready to respond. Culligan services many seasonal, second homes and cabins for people from out of the area.

The Rice Lake Culligan office is a full service dealership and like we said it is comforting to know clean, fresh water and peace of mind that comes with it is only three little words away, “Hey Culligan Man.”
It’s good to know the Culligan Man. Contact Jim for all of the Culligan products and services. Hey, he’ a real nice guy as are all of the people who work with him. 715-234-8819 or

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