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Dave's Hardware Hank & Rental

Spooner, Wisconsin
...they made a good move.

There’s a new place in town, not a new business, it’s a well established business in a new place. We’re talking about Dave’s Hardware Hank & Rental at its new location at 321 N. River Street (the old Kronlund building). Come on in, the changes are amazing.
Dave and MaryAnn Stiles own and operate this vibrant new store in the heart of Spooner. They bought the business downtown on Walnut Street in 1999 but made the big decision to make the bigger move with the store in 2009. They’ve never looked back.

When you look at the new store you’ll understand right away why the move was needed. First off, right out front there in a lot of very close parking. Then, when you walk through the door you’ll stop to look at the 1700 square foot store stretching out before you. The departments are many.

Paint is a good place to begin as there is not only a large supply, with many choices, there is also a separate room for paint right there on the main floor. It’s a  well lighted room right off the entrance with an array of color chips and a great supple of paints and accessories. In other words you can concentrate on colors and comparisons without being jostled by the roughnecks coming from  plumbing or automotive.
Speaking of plumbing and electric too, for that matter, there is a large selection of just about anything you need for commercial use or simple home projects. There is advice, too, if you need it, for those projects.
“We’re here to help,” Dave said as he took a phone call and disappeared down one of the well stocked isles.

Hey, spring is here and that means grill outside season, again. Finally! The Webers are here, charcoal and propane. Get them early while the selection is large. There is also lawn and garden, house wares, a large selection of tools and much, much more.

Dave’s Hardware Hank offers tool and equipment rental and small engine repair. And they also fix windows, screens and doors and always an old favorite, they provide lamp repair.

There are six employees to help you and Dave is always there. He is community conscious and proud to be a Spooner Volunteer Fire Fighter. So if you haven’t been in to see the established business in a new place get on in there today. Dave’s Hardware Hank & Rental, they made a good move. 715-635-7366

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