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Hunt The Links... Daily

Hunt The Links... Daily
By John A. Hallock

What is the great fascination, the tremendous draw the game of golf holds over a man?  What drags him out of  bed before daylight, gets his shoes all wet with dew and drives him to stay at it all day with nary a home chore or work project completed? I’ve heard it said it’s the fulfillment of his desire, his longing to be not  just outdoors, but out in the woods and water.

When you come to think about it up until 150 years or so ago, if the man of the house didn’t go out hunting in the woods everyday the family didn’t eat. And now, after 10,000 years, that responsibility kind of  gets into a guys genes. So the next  time you think you have pressure sinking that long putt imagine that scene, same  stick in your hand, only there’s a 1200 pound bear sitting on the hole. That’s how  our ancestors felt. So in the name of tradition and honoring the past, let’s hunt the links... Daily!

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