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The only thing better than being a part of a good team is being part of a winning team. And now is the time to join that winning team, and you may be richer for doing so. The name of that team is very specific and easy to remember, SEL/AMSOIL.

Meet Bill and Donna Durand, the owners and managers of the winning team SEL/AMSOIL, located right here in northwest Wisconsin where they have very deep roots. Cut the red tape and contact them directly to find out how you can set up your own business in association with their winning team. That’s the secret, be a part of this particular team. The fact is, they are the most successful team in the company’s history. They will show you just how  they’ve become the highly successful multi-marketing business they are today. But it’s vital you contact them directly.

Why “Sel”? The SEL founders Bill and Donna Durand began building a sales organization for their AMSOIL products in the Southeast United States; they named their business venture, “SEL” based on where it began and what it represented, South Eastern Leaders! They started in 1976 before synthetic lubricants gained national recognition. Faith in these superior products and dedication to financial independence helped to establish distributorship teams numbering many thousands. Spread out across the country in every state, Durand’s SEL/AMSOIL Team produces millions in annual sales and is today AMSOIL’S largest and strongest national wide organization. They have established a path others can follow and thousands have. 

I met with Bill last fall at the beautiful 320 acre wooded compound he purchased many years before building his SEL organization. Riding in his new Lincoln truck, he drove me through the woods. Some of these trails are more than a century old. You see, this is more than just a beautiful land tract, Bill was raised on a nearby farm and helped his father log these woods. He talked of the old days, of big, hard working horses they used to pull trees out of the woods for their sawmill. On cold, winter days when the temperature was well below zero, they could warm  their frigid hands by putting them on the horses’ warm noses.

“They were wonderful, hard working animals,” Bill said, “like part of the family. Today, I’d gladly swap one of my Lincoln Town Cars if I could spend just one week with those tolerant, faithful, always understanding beasts.”

On our tour we saw much tall, old growth timber and the old cabins from days gone by; much of the property ran along a beautiful northwoods lake. The last stop on the ride was the museum they constructed and continue to build as tribute to the many successful members of their SEL team. Hard work paid off and income from the small beginning in Montgomery, AL has grown and allowed Bill and Donna to devote considerable funding to improvements. Bill points out, “We come a long way since the ‘50s with our ’impossible to start’ Plymouths to a fleet of luxury Lincolns; from logging with horses to space age lubricants.”

The building has 6240 square feet of exhibits, collections, memorabilia and life history of their members; there is room for you, too. The museum and scenic setting is truly a fascinating place. Old cars, tractors and machines that work as well today as they did 30 or 40 years ago when they were new, thanks to the good products of AMSOIL.

There are walls of signs and plaques, statues,  trophies and prints. There are exhibits dedicated to our military and to faith.  I walked through room after room turning my head from one fascinating item after another. In fact, as I walked, looked and read, I came to realize this is more than just a museum, but also a Hall of  Fame of sorts, and not only honoring the great successes of a business, but also honoring the American way of entrepreneurship and people with the independence to not just follow their own path, but to become highly successful in the process. You, too, can be a part of this dynamic, fast growing SEL/AMSOIL organization. You, too, can be successful like thousands of others in SEL.

There are so many businesses and individuals who need and would use the many products of AMSOIL. This could all be your business too. There is nothing to lose and much to gain. Start up cost is only $10.00! As Bill says, “less than a parking ticket!

“It’s a family business,” Bill said, “something you can do together and from home.”

It can be your family. Contact Bill and Donna Durand and start out on your path to success. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. There is a full one-year Money Back Guarantee !

Call or fax 1-800-416-7109. If it’s busy, please try again. If they are away from the phone, leave your message and Bill will get back to you.

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