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The Bow Hunter

The Bow Hunter

By John A. Hallock

Remember this the next time you’re in your tree stand and the weather turns nasty.  When the wind is blowing, the tree is swaying, it’s snowing and raining at the same time, you’re cold and a little wet, your nose is running, your toes are freezing, though they’re not as cold as your fingers and ears, and the most miserable of all ... you haven’t seen a deer all day.

You are at the breaking point and all you want to do is pack it in and go home early for a hot meal, a warm fire and a couple of beers.  But you don’t go, you stick it out to the end of your hunt. Why? Because through all that fun and misery you remember something you just can’t deny. There are a thousand other guys doing something else  who would trade place with you in a second. You tough it out because you’re a bow hunter and bow hunters stick together, even when we’re all by ourselves.

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