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Yellow River Gardens

Yellow River Gardens
Spooner, Wisconsin

“A Place To Shop Your Troubles Away.”

After a long cold winter, spring has never been so welcome. It’s time to get out and smell the flowers, to feel the sun on your face and lose yourself in a most pleasant, fragrant environment; it’s a warm and soothing experience and it’s all right here in our own back yard. Yellow River Gardens is not only the place to celebrate the new season this is where the season begins.

Meet Jim and Linda Berger the owners and nature artists behind it all. They are very nice people with a lifetime of experience and expertise in the garden and growing business. They are so good at what they do, their plants and flowers so beautiful that around here some people look forward to their first weekend of business each spring the same way they look forward to the opening day of fishing or bow season. Yellow  River Gardens is an institution and they should be your first stop this spring. You’ll love it!

Jim and Linda’s purpose, their life long work, the reason for being in, and growing their business in the first place, has not changed since they opened the gardens so many years ago. That purpose is to make northern Wisconsin homes, yards, decks and gardens more beautiful and appealing. In fact, this year they are offering a ‘Beautiful Yard Of The Month’ award. It all starts in their beautiful grounds, a sprawling garden center with growing and colorful delights in every corner; just the place to explore and discover flowers, special grown plants, trees, bushes and so much more.

Come wander through the huge greenhouses filled with thousands of colorful, fragrant flowers, supplies and lawn and garden decor. Do you need a happy, contented pick me up for the spring? Well then, come lose yourself in the beauty and stroll to the soft and soothing background music. Talk about ‘Grovin’ On A Sunday Afternoon’. Before you know it you’ll be dancing in the isles and loving every second of this very unique shopping experience. It’s a mixture of the warm greenhouses, fragrant flowers, smiling faces and music. It’s wonderful, magical. Wander through the garden center, among yard plants and trees and along the babbling brook lined with  fruit trees, evergreens, shrubs and plants of all types and sizes.  Water plants are one of their specialties.

 In fact, you won’t find a more unique or extensive garden center anywhere in the entire region. If it grows in the yard or house they probably have it. There is a lot of yard art and you’ll want to get there early in the season while there is a good selection of some of the one of a kind items. Plus, check out the extensive ceramic pottery (including the hard to find oversized pottery), metal art, torches, conservations, all kinds, all prices.

At Yellow River Gardens they are unique and creative. Whether it’s container gardens designed especially for you or an unusual variety of flower or shrub for the yard. One exciting feature is their water and pond gardens. They carry over 40 aquatic plant varieties as well as native and shoreline plants. But you better plan more than one trip here because it would be difficult to see all of this in one stop. It’s definitely worth it as your house and garden will never be so colorful or look so good.
“All of our plants are tough, reliable and beautiful,” Linda said. “We have annuals, perennials, herbs and veggies all grown in-house allowing for many unusual varieties. All of our nursery stock is ‘Northern Grown.’”  They carry an expanded nursery stock by growing unique and unusual plants also suitable for our northern climate. Items you won’t find anywhere else.

Jim and Linda and their terrific staff are real people, down to earth and eager to help you or make suggestions. Custom orders are, of course, their hallmark.  They can even provide customers with personal shoppers if desired. Another unique service offers thumbnail landscape designs for people needing help with their yard designs. It’s a free service where they walk with you through the nursery stock and do a pencil sketch that you can install at your leisure and as your budget allows.  Yellow River Gardens is truly a fun place to shop. Come on in and discover something new and wonderful for you, your yard, your spirits.

“We have made so many new friends over the many years,” Linda said. “And we’re looking forward to seeing all of them again this year and, of course, making many more friends both here and in Chetek.”

That’s right, Chetek, besides Yellow River Gardens, Jim and Linda operate a  sister garden center called Treefrog’s, a nursery and garden center in Chetek, Wisconsin. Jim and Linda work their great expertise here, too. Again a real friendly, likable place to shop your troubles away.

Yellow River Gardens is located right on Highway 70 a quarter mile EAST of highway 53 on the EAST side of Spooner. 715-635-7995 or Treefrog’s is at 965 County Highway SS north of Chetek. 715-924-3127

Stop in today, you’ll feel better for it.

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